Why buy when you can hire?


Want to know more about Mackay Pressure Clean Hire? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. We know absolutely everything there is to know about pressure cleaning and equipment.

Alternatively, you can give our friendly staff a call.

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Most importantly, listen to any instructions given to you by our staff. Before using the machine put on your safety clothing and make sure the area is cleared of other people, electrical hazards and any loose items that may become flying debris. Lastly, NEVER point the hose at anyone!

If you are not confident using the equipment, our professional team can perform the cleaning for you.

Your eyes, hands and feet are most likely to be hit by the spray and any flying debris, so gloves, gumboots and impact resistant glasses are most important. We also highly recommend wearing long sleeved shirt and long pants as the high-pressure spray can cause skin lacerations if you are hit directly.
Our staff can advise you the best places to buy this equipment if you don’t already have them.

You can drop off the equipment back to us at our Lawson Street depot. However, we also offer a pick-up service for a small fee.

Our Team delivers to all Mackay suburbs.

Available for 1 day to several, or long term hire is available, depending on your requirements.